No more banging the silo with a mallet!!

Silo fluidizers promote the discharge of hard-to-move products such as canola meal, palm kernel etc. from storage silos, ensuring the silo empties out completely.

Traditional fluidizers operate all pads at once causing a decrease in available air pressure and therefore less vibration. The new SILO AIR FLUIDIZER from FEEDMASTER operates each pad separately in sequence and then allows sufficient time for air pressure build up before discharging again. The system is controlled by the automatic fluidizer controller detailed below.

The new FEEDMASTER automatic fluidizer controller can be operated in two modes. In manual mode, the system will run in a continuous cycle until it is switched off. In Automatic mode, the system can be configured to run “on demand”, so it auto starts when your feed auger is running, and shuts down when it isn’t. The run time and sequence control is user-programmable, so you can set the system at optimum performance to suit your compressor. Best of all, it comes with an easy to follow user manual, as well as technical support from the experts who designed and built your product.

When it comes to making decisions about feeding, you’ll want to know that the system you choose can do it all.

Whether it’s a particular feeding requirement or a complete feeding system, Feedmaster has the right  solution for you.

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