Our Self-Clearing Auger Line robot feed system ensures feedhoppers are always stocked no matter where they are in the line.

This solves the problem of how to ensure feed is present in all bins when any bin(s) may not have been drawn from.  There is no need for a loop!!


  • The FEEDMASTER Self-Clearing Auger Line is always ready to top up any of your robot feed dispensers as required
  • Simple and tidy
  • It doesn’t matter if the end robot is out of commission for service or a breakdown
  • Can be fitted with multiple feed lines and additional storage above each robot or with simple dropper – all options come with shut off slides to isolate a robot if required
  • If fitted with a FEEDMASTER “No-flow” alert fault detector, the system will alert operators via flashing strobe light, or add our SMS text message functionality to receive an alert wherever you are via your mobile phone

When it comes to making decisions about feeding, you’ll want to know that the system you choose can do it all.

Whether it’s a particular feeding requirement or a complete feeding system, Feedmaster has the right  solution for you.