Features 65, 80 and 100mm Single Drive Head, with high grade, flat blade flex augers; a Multi Drive Head feed auger system to deliver ration separate to custom additives and lead feed rations direct to the platform.

Provides ability to change main ration daily without changing additives. Also features a standard Single Timer Control with manual Skip-a-Feed switch and a Feed Boss ProControl (see below).

We have 15 years experience manufaturing and installing feed systems for Rotary Dairies.

Single Drive Head feed auger
65-80-100mm – all with high grade flat blade flex augerMulti Drive Head feed auger systems
Deliver ration separate to customise additives & lead feed rations direct to the platform
Change main ration daily without changing additivesStandard Single Timer Control
With manual skip a feed switch

Feed Boss Pro Control

  • Automatically feeds cow in bail
  • Does not feed empty bails
  • Custom feed
  • Does not feed second time round cow
  • Does not feed in reverse
  • Manual Skip
  • All this & more with no electronic tags
  • Can be upgraded to full electronic ID system
  • Compatible with iDairy system

When it comes to making decisions about feeding, you’ll want to know that the system you choose can do it all.

Whether it’s a particular feeding requirement or a complete feeding system, Feedmaster has the solution that fits.