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With extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of top quality feed systems, we have the product knowledge to ensure we deliver the systems and equipment you need.  Importantly, our products are proven to be reliable, and we provide the back-up and service you need to get it right. 

Tough reliable equipment that won’t let you down and provides results.

Attrition Disc Mills

Our Award Winning Attrition Disc Mill produces granulated feed to fine meal and can process mixed grains

Bulk Fill & Transfer Auger Systems

Northern Feed Systems range of solid flight fixed augers is limited only by your imagination.

Herringbone Systems

Large galvanised 10kg Hoppers with full auto fill auger and easy to operate push buttons (one per side) compliment this system.

Smart Drafter

Smart Drafter is an entry-level solution to Farm Automation. Utilising proven Feedmaster NFS systems and gate hardware, it is a simple, stand-alone, automated drafting unit.

Metering Oil Pump

Eliminate your dusty dairy problems with a reliable and easy to operate Metering Oil Pump for Bloat or Binder Oil.

Mineral Additive Dispenser

This features a large 80kg, fully galvanised Hopper with variable speed control for easy and precise calibration of feed.

Silo Air Fluidizer

Silo fluidizers promote the discharge of hard to move products such as canola meal, palm kernel etc from storage silos ensuring the silo empties out completely.

Rotary Systems

Features 65, 80 and 100mm Single Drive Head, with high grade, flat blade flex augers; a Multi Drive Head feed auger system to deliver ration separate to custom additives.

Self Clearing Augers

Our Self-Clearing Auger Line robot feed system ensures feed hoppers are always stocked no matter where they are in the line. There is no need for a loop!!

Roller Mills

This heavy duty Roller Mill has full electroplated, zinc corrosion protection for long lasting reliability; commercial grade heavy-duty magnetic protection

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